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"Free-flowing thoughts" "Motivation" "Responcibility"
Recru's manpower supports your management.


Domestic × Overseas
Recru support global company.

Company where employees are happy to work in
The one which is choosen by customers.

As a temp agency, we will continue to work with a strong sense of commitment and professional awareness to accomplish our work.
The begininng of new era with new manpower, we will change all the time.
In addition, we will create an environment in which employees can be happy on their work , in order to provide high-quality services,   and customers we aim to be a company that is chosen to “want to ask here”.

Our Services
Respond to the customer's various demands.
  • Temporary staffing

    We dispatch highly skilled technical staff from entry level to experienced.

  • Talented-people introduction

    We will introduce human resources that match the technical requirements.

  • Subcontracting

    We will work on the issues received from the client company, focusing on skilled employees.

  • Supporting recruitment for foreigners

    We support foreign recruiting based on overseas experienced.

Education Strategy
Education that values motivation and encouragement a sence of responcibility.

We are promoting all staff education in terms of emphasizing on the individuals to show their leadership to be able to create their freedom of thought independently.
While maintain the basics such as greeting and ho-ren-so,(Ho stands for hokoku”report”, Ren for renraku”communicate”,and so for sodan “seek advice or consult”) we seek ways to think out side the box.
All the emplpyees be enjoyable while workingg in good environment,
we will instrcut emplpyess to be a person who trasted by cutomer and be responsible person.